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"Historic places are where our lives, memories and stories began. They connect us to the past, anchor us to the present, and lead us into the future. These places inspire us to create a stronger nation, because they belong to all of us." 

-National Trust for Historic Preservation

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For 20 years, beginning with the 2001 Coronado Theatre restoration and expansion project, the Friends of the Coronado has preserved the historic integrity of the Coronado Theatre. The 2001 project and Friends of the Coronado were awarded the preservation project of the year by the U.S. Department of Interior - National Trust for Historic Preservation for successfully transforming a 1920s movie palace into a state-of-art performing arts center. 

Since 2001

Over 1 million visitors have passed through the doors of the magical Coronado Theatre, and the Coronado remains as radiant as ever. Through ongoing meticulous restoration and adhering to preservation 'best practices', we are able to preserve and protect the historical beauty of the Coronado.

38,000 grade-school children have experienced high quality, professional ("world-class") performances and other events, unlike anything most have experienced previously in one of the top three atmospheric historic theaters in North America. 

1,500 shows, concerts, graduations, weddings, and a variety of other events have graced the Coronado stage as a state-of-art performing arts center. 

$80 million has been contributed to our local economy from the operations of the historic Coronado Theatre. *

Connecting Our Community with Shared History

94 years of the Coronado's rich history is on display for the public's viewing in the 'NEW' Coronado Classroom Education Center of the Coronado Theatre. The extensive archive collection of historical photos, newspaper clippings, firsthand accounts, and artifacts that have been meticulously collected by the Coronado's Land of Lincoln Theatre Organ Society and is an exceptional display of local and national history.

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The League of Historic American Theaters – Historic Theater Economic Impact Study (2,000 seat venues)
The 2021 Economic Impact of the Arts Industry in Northern Illinois Report
(For every $1.00 of output in the Arts and Culture Sector, an additional $.58 is produced in transportation, food and beverage, construction, manufacturing, retail, real estate, hotel/motel/residential, and local/state government; for every 1 employee employed by the Arts Industry creates 0.21 additional jobs in the rest of the economy)
Friends of the Coronado

Our mission is to champion the historic Coronado Theatre, a time-honored symbol of civic pride, as a performing arts center and community asset for all to use and share. Friends of the Coronado is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


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