The “behind-the-scenes” areas and entire infrastructure are woefully inadequate. Major theatrical road companies bypass the Coronado-and–Rockford–because of insufficient support systems and space.

  • Enlarge the stage house, improve stage-level support areas and load-in areas
  • Convert original apartments on second and third levels into support areas and dressing rooms to meet requirements of the companies
  • Bring infrastructure up to code by replacing outdated electrical, fire protection risers, plumbing and air systems. Other needs such as heating, cooling and emergency power must be added or updated.
  • Improve acoustics for Rockford Symphony orchestra performances
  • Made the theatre accessible to all
  • Restore exterior to original design intent, including marquee
  • Restore and maintain original public areas
  • Expand lobby, provide public amenities space, concessions, box office, box office lobby and new stairs
  • Join us in this exciting venture! This is a wonderful opportunity for you to be a part of a significant community-building project.