ALL-TIME RECORD NUMBERS! The Friends of the Coronado Foundation sets a new record for the number of students participating in 100% accessible free-of-charge Student Out-Reach Projects!

Thanks to the generosity of hundreds Community Members, Sponsors, Foundations, Organizations, and the City of Rockford, 7,000 children will have a special day at the Coronado Theatre this year.

Reach for the Stars – 4th Grade

Through this project, 2,000 fourth grade students from the Rockford Public Schools attended a special performance of world renowned Ailey II dance company, Tuesday November 12, 2019 at the Coronado Performing Arts Center at no cost to the student.

After the re-opening of the meticulously restored and modernized Coronado Theatre in 2000, the Friends of the Coronado (FOC) established the “Reach for the Stars” project. FOC promised to the 5,500 donors that the Coronado Theatre would always be there for the children. An endowment fund was established to assist in the funding so all 4th graders in the Rockford Public Schools #205 would have THEIR day at the Coronado. 17 years later, over 32,000 children have participated.

In order to assure that all children could come regardless of ability to pay for busing, we also pay for the buses to bring the children, in addition to the cost of presenting this special program. By doing so we would assure a high quality, professional (“world-class”) performance for the children unlike anything they have experienced previously. It is the consistency, depth and predictability of this school-children’s project that sets it apart from most. First, second and third grade students anticipate their fourth-grade day at the Coronado. 100% of the children in the Rockford Public Schools are impacted by this project.

FOC children’s endowment for the Reach for the Stars contributes to a significant portion of the cost of this project each year, however additional funding is needed. Please consider a gift to the Friends of the Coronado.

Please consider a gift to the Friends of the Coronado. Donate Now!

Nutcracker Ballet Student Performances – Sponsored by the Friends of the Coronado Foundation. Photo courtesy of the Rockford Symphony Orchestra.

4,000 students from across our region will experience one of the Coronado’s most beloved traditions The Nutcracker Ballet presented by the Rockford Dance Company (RDC) and Rockford Symphony Orchestra (RSO) on Friday December 6, 2019. The Friends of the Coronado is a proud partner of RDC and RSO to be able present these performance at no cost to the students or schools.

The Coronado Classroom – Enriching the lives of students, educators, and lifelong learners by providing opportunities of extraordinary experiences at the Coronado Theatre. Learn more about the Coronado Classroom.

The beautiful Coronado Theatre will spark the imaginations of over 1,000 students across the Rockford community with one of the most unique experiences offered for school children.
The Coronado Classroom presents vibrant programs in an informal, interactive format; showcasing a wide range and broad spectrum of disciplines, and programs that are enjoyable and inspiring. The Coronado Classroom experience is provided at NO COST to the students or schools including a transportation stipend.

For more information about the Friends of the Coronado Student Out-Reach projects

Contact: Beth Howard, Friends of the Coronado Executive Director (815)847-6314

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